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October 2-3 Golden, CO

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Conference Sсhedule

7:30 AM - 8:30 AM

Grab some coffee and sign in for the kickoff of the Global Data Summit!

John Carpenter / Global Data Summit

More and more data flowing into the enterprise is streaming in on a continuous basis. The Internet of Things is upon us with products emitting a tsunami of data that organizations want to analyze. Everywhere you look, Streaming Data (also known as fast data) is on the increase. This session looks at Fast Data and what you need to think about to get ready for it.

Mike Ferguson / Data Expert

Yet another wave will be impacting information technology (IT) globally. It is called quantum computing (QC). While still another 3–5 years out, IT managers should start thinking differently about QC now, especially in an analytics-driven corporation. The goal of this session is to answer: What should IT managers know about QC? How should IT managers plan differently for business analytics?

Richard Hackathorn / President, Bolder Technology
12:00 PM - 12:30 PM

Everyone Attends The 5×5 presentations in Main Hall A along with lunch. The 5×5 Topics Include: Test Automation (Ralph Hughes)...

Various Speakers / Expert Topic Speakers
1:30 PM - 2:10 PM

Analytics is about math and science but ignoring the “art” of analytics will result in only mediocre results. This session presents the importance of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking when engaging in analytics. With case study examples where “art” plus “science” yielded breakthrough results that would not have been possible using a purely incremental approach.

Stephen Brobst / CTO Teradata

Sometimes disruptive change sneaks up on us. Now we can recognize that it is our Data that has been disrupted. The way we manage it, store it, analyze it, use it, and the way we think about it is changing. Today's Data is not the Data of yesterday. Journey through the change in this session including Cloud, Streaming, Big Data and Blockchain.

John Myers / Data Expert

There is a new wave of data modeling patterns taking over the data warehousing, business intelligence, data integration and big data space. These patterns are based on principles of Agility, Unified Decomposition, Business-Driven Design, and drivers such as auditability, virtualization, conceptual/logical mapping, and the elimination of reengineering. Learn all about Ensemble in this session.

Hans Hultgren / President, Genesee Academy
1:30 PM - 2:10 PM

Enterprise Data Warehousing + Ensemble Modeling is commonly translated to a flavor of data vault. However there are several other forms of Ensemble including the rapidly growing Focal Modeling pattern (applied for a decade in financial services and telecommunications). Get an overview of this pattern from a founder and learn why and how you would apply Focal for your EDW.

Patrik Lager / Top Of Minds
3:20 PM - 4:00 PM

Join global Data Vault, Ensemble, and other experts as they are guided through a thoughtful panel discussion on the near...

Dirk Lerner / Data Professional

Client Case: Financial Services EDW. Hear from one of the largest global banks how they are moving to an Agile Data Warehouse architecture. To achieve agility means to achieve organizational change. In this session learn one path to agility through new approaches, modeling patterns (Data Vault), and architectures.

Jaco van der Laan / Data Professional

Client Case: EDW Automation with Data Vault modeling. In this session learn how a major international organization achieved end-to-end data integration and data mart deliveries in a fraction of the time. Through organizational changes, applying new modeling patterns (Data Vault) and leveraging automation tooling (Wherescape) see how one organization made this happen.

Kevin McNamara / Colorado Christian University

Client Case: The Data Warehouse in the Cloud. Touching also on data virtualization and the logical data warehouse. In this...

To Be Announced / Data Warehouse Cloud Expert
9:10 AM - 9:50 AM

For decades we have been learning and applying new techniques for data integration, data management and now data analytics. But the visualization techniques are not much different now than they were 30 years ago. In the session global thought leader Rado Kotorov provides insight into the new data visualization horizon.

Rado Kotorov / Information Builders

There is a strong focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning these days. With awareness raised by IBM's Watson, the growing (and very popular) role of the Data Scientist, and amazing new processing capabilities these topics are here to stay. In this session learn the current definitions, best practices, and exciting new applications of AI and Machine Learning.

Special Guest / AI & Machine Learning Expert
12:00 PM - 12:30 PM

Everyone Attends The 5 x 5 Presentations In Main Hall A along with lunch. The 5x5 topics Include: Unstructured Data, Cognitive Data Modeling, Blockchain Modeling, Temporal-EMF-Data Vault, and Data Psychology.

Various Speakers / Data Experts

To support our new levels of data agility the traditional view of the data warehouse must change. Enter the Logical Data Warehouse (and Bimodal Logical Data Warehouse). This architecture, introduced by Gartner, is based on a decoupling of reporting and analyses on one end, and the data sources on the other end. Learn how organizations have already successfully completed the migration.

Rick van der Lans / R20 Consultancy
3:20 PM - 4:00 PM

In this session Ralph Hughes and special guest(s) will discuss the topic of agility in the data warehouse and business intelligence function of the organization. From agile modeling techniques, to agile project management approaches, to agile program structures and even agile testing. Gain insight into best practices from both research and practical experiences.

Ralph Hughes / Agile DW Expert

While Python and R dominate day to day tasks for typical analytics and prediction in both batch and real-time processing...

Dr. Molly Maskrey / Analytic Fog Expert

Applying ELM (Ensemble Logical Modeling) to In-Memory or architectures based on Data Virtualization means taking an entirely new approach to data integration and data warehouse projects. In this session learn how to apply ELM Data Modeling for Data Virtualization, how these techniques can be implemented in a new project approach, and hear experiences from the field.

Tjaart Riekert / Genesee Global Advisors

As we all understand now the role of data modeling is perhaps even more important in the Big Data and Streaming world as it is in the traditional RDBMS database world. In this session we discuss the imperative role of modeling, the conceptual and logical focus it must have, the practical matters of how to apply the model schemas to big data and streaming data, and the Ensemble Logical Modeling pattern (ELM) that supports it.

Hans Hultgren / President, Genesee Academy

Applying ELM (Ensemble Logical Modeling) to In-Memory or architectures based on Data Virtualization means taking an entirely new approach to data integration and data warehouse projects. In this session learn how to apply ELM Data Modeling for Data Virtualization, how these techniques can be implemented in a new project approach, and hear experiences from the field.

Antoine Stelma / Centennium

What could be better than combining Lawrence Corr's super-agile, business-facing, interactive BEAM workshops for Dimensional modeling with Hans Hultgren's business-driven, interactive, Ensemble CBC/NBR modeling workshops for Ensemble Logical Models (ELM) and Data Vault DWs? In this session learn how these workshops are melded into a highly effective design session.

Brian Bradley / Data Vault and BEAM Expert

Client Case: Manufacturing & Logistics. Hear from one of the largest candy companies in Europe and the Nordics as they have moved from traditional data architectures and approaches to embrace the new paradigms of agility, virtualization, ensemble modeling and business-driven design. A sweet business case for sure!

Special Guest / BI Software Expert

Client Case: Streaming Data Integration and Analytics in Online Gaming. Today it is possible to analyze your high-volume data in the stream. To make this happen in a meaningful way means knowing and understanding your data, applying consistency through schemas and code, and leveraging the best technologies. In this session see how a global leader in online gaming is successfully making this happen.

Daniel Fagerström / Top Of Minds
1:30 PM - 2:10 PM

It has been over half a decade since the first Automation Matrix was published. Now Scot and Hans have entirely revamped this framework to address the latest in DWBI, Data Science, Big Data and Streaming. The Automation Matrix is designed to be a tool to help define your automation requirements and to assess the features of the various automation tool vendors.

Scot Reagin / Sensible Data Integrations

Client Cases: Agile Modeling in the Field with Data Vault. Join a group of Data Vault modelers as they take you through actual agile modeling experiences in their own organizations or customer organizations. Hear first hand the good, the bad and the ugly as to how organizations are experiencing agile modeling with Data Vault and other Ensemble patterns.

Thomas Janssen / Agile Modeling Expert
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