Scot Reagin

Solution Architect

Scot Reagin’s technology career spans the entire history of what we now think of as Business Intelligence. Starting with software he developed for mini-computers in the early 1980’s to the first Cube technologies of the 1990’s and Self-Service BI and contemporary Predictive Analytics Scot has consistently designed, developed, and delivered solutions for organizations across the evolving BI marketplace.

Scot is a Certified Data Vault Data Modeler, a TDWI Certified Business Intelligence Professional, and Board Member of the Colorado Data Warehouse Institute.

Throughout his career Scot has had a passion for straightforward problem solving which has been the basis for his many robust and reliable solution designs. He is a thought leader but also apragmatist, allowing him to build solutions that provide value today while positioning for tomorrow.

Prior to cofounding Sensible Data Integrations Scot was a Director and Principal Business Intelligence Architect for RevGen Partners; founder and Principal Architect of SJ Reagin & Associates; and National General Manager and Senior BI Solutions Architect for Aspirity LLC (later acquired by Hitachi Consulting where he held the title of Senior BI Architect).

In addition to Consulting Scot has created and delivered public and private courseware on a wide range of BI topics and his ability to clarify the technical aspects of a solution to business value have made him a popular speaker at business and technical conferences.