Jill Dyche – Keynote Speaker

Executive Adviser and Strategy Consultant

Executive Director at Outta the Cage,  Los Angeles, California

Writer, executive adviser, classic rock lover, dog rescuer, software exec, and company founder. I speak, blog, and pester my friends about these topics. My current focus is getting business leaders to collaborate on strategic initiatives and not kill each other. I speak and write about why analytics is a competitive advantage, how AI can disrupt internally as well as externally, why good data matters, and why not to buy a dog from a pet store.

I’ve lived in London, Paris, and Sydney, but call L.A. home. #weatherwimp. I cultivate an organic vegetable garden and friends with issues. I’ve written four books and contributed to a bunch more. (I have another one in my head waiting to come out, but it’s crowded in there right now.) I prefer Def Leppard to Bon Jovi, fly fishing to golf, Pinot Noir to Zinfandel, red velvet to…well…anything, and nice people to assholes. I have a tattoo. I’m not telling you where. I feel guilty that I go hot and cold on social media, that I don’t spend enough face time with my friends, that my French is rusty, and that I ate that whole bag of Kirkland peanut butter cups. I have to live with those things.

As if executive advisory and strategy consulting aren’t sufficiently crazy-making, I’m also Executive Director of Outta the Cage (http://outtathecage.org). We advocate on behalf of animals in high-kill shelters by sharing their stories on social media. If you can’t adopt or foster, share one of our Facebook posts. Or, better yet, grab the family and go adopt a shelter dog