Dr. Molly Maskrey

Senior Research Scientist for Space Environmental Technologies

Dr. Maskrey, currently a Senior Research Scientist for Space Environmental Technologies, obtained her PhD in applied mathematics and her MSEE with a specialization in communications theory focusing on non-linear techniques. In addition to currently operating her two tech companies, having completed a successful exit of a third late 2016, Molly consults in the Denver, Colorado area on topics ranging from brain imagery/perfusion analysis for cognitive disorders, early childhood development, gait and movement analysis for Cerebral Palsy patients, and CTIA over-the-air testing of mobile devices. After publishing her fourth book on mobile development, due out in November, Ms. Maskrey formed her fourth and fifth startups in late 2017. Everyone’s Cloud provides AWS cloud architecting services for smaller companies that simply cannot afford a fully trained architecture team. Analytic Fog provides migration of proven (trained) server-side models in standard formats such as Caffe,
Keras, sklearn, etc., to the iOS 11/Xcode 9/Swift 4 ecosystem moving traditionally cloud-based processes to the fog. Her passion centers on smart city and IoT initiatives or more generally, anything to make living conditions better for everyone.