Antoine Stelma

Data Modeling & Data Virtualization Lead

Antoine has been a lead data architect for over 15 years, with extensive experience in designing and implementing agile data architectures for numerous organizations in all business domains. Besides a lead data architect, he has been involved in developing and running courses on various themes for his customers, ranging from training on agile data architectures for data warehousing, big data and data lakes architectures to agile data modeling with data vault and ensemble modeling.

Antoine is a Certified Adjunct Instructor for both the Genesee Academy Data Vault Day and the Genesee Academy CDVDM certification course and he has been actively involved in organizing and running the CDVDM courses since 2009 together with Genesee Academy.

Being an recognized expert in Data Virtualization and specifically trained in Cisco’s data virtualization suite CIS, Antoine is currently leading various Data Virtualization implementations with focus on building solutions that comprise data ranging from big data & data lakes to streaming data, cloud and data warehouses that need to accessed via Data Virtualization for analytical processing . His role is focussed on designing the data layer architecture, leading the data modeling and data integration process as part of the data virtualization solution and overall ensuring the team of data engineers, data modelers and CIS-developers are able to deliver results for our customers.

Expertise: Data Vault, SuperNova, Data Virtualization, Cisco Information Server (EMEAR partner/reseller), Teaching, Coaching, Data Modeling, Data Warehousing, ETL, Star Modeling, Architecture, Big Data, Data Virtualization, Big Data and Information Architecture.