KEYNOTE: Digital Transformation, One Dog at a Time
9:10 AM - 9:40 AM

KEYNOTE: Digital Transformation, One Dog at a Time

Jill Dyche consults with leaders across industries about analytics deployment, strategic alignment,organizational design, and data, data, data. Deliver keynote presentations on how data drives change–both for companies and for good.

The mission of Outta the Cage is to help people see shelter dogs as individuals. We go to shelters in Southern California–which collectively has the highest euthanasia rate in the U.S.–and videotape dogs who are often at risk for euthanasia.
We don’t just leave the dogs in their cages. We get ’em out in to the play yard, or to the park, or for a walk in the neighborhood. (In other words, outta the cage.) We get them on camera being dogs.
Then we post these videos on social media, and enlist people like you to help share them with your friends and family. We also provide inspiration and best practices for how to network shelter dogs, offering field-proven tips for successful advocacy, foster, adoption, and video-taking. Our success rate in 2018 so far? 94 percent of the dogs we featured on our website or social media sites have gotten homes. We’re shooting for 100 percent. Please opt to adopt or foster your next pet.

Jill Dyche / Executive Director at Outta the Cage