10:50 AM - 11-20 AM

How to Become Successful in Analytics

The world of analytics has always revolved around turning data into insights. With the tsunami of data coming at us and the advent of Machine Learning and AI organizations have raised the bar in terms of expectations what data can bring to an organization. However, reality has it that many (big) data projects have failed and are still failing which causes a big gap. In this presentation Jack Esselink, data evangelist, will talk about how to identify these (potential) gaps and how to address these. In his 20+years analytics career Jack has travelled the world and helped countless organizations in many industries to improve their analytics. Recurring topics in these engagements have always been: collaboration, culture, leadership and, especially, sharing. The latter has become more and more important as a success factor for analytics projects. Jack will start discussing the drivers for the analytics gaps from a historical perspective and share best practices and lessons learned how to close these gaps. In the last part of his presentation he will discuss leading edge new innovative advancements in the Data Science and Machine Learning space and how this can help close the analytics gap.
Jack Esselink / Data Science and Machine Learning Evangelist at IBM